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Clearly is an online eyewear retailer offering a wide selection of glasses and contact lenses. The best ways to save on Clearly purchases include using a cashback comparison portal to find the highest cashback rate, signing up for their newsletter to receive exclusive deals, and checking for any ongoing promotions or discounts.

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Clearly 6%Dollar Dig
Clearly 3%Simply Best Coupons

Clearly cashback frequently asked questions

Clearly cashback works with cashback portals by offering users the opportunity to earn cashback on their online purchases. Users simply shop through the cashback portal and make a qualifying purchase to receive cashback.
To earn Clearly cashback through cashback portals, users first need to sign up for an account on the cashback portal. Then they can search for Clearly cashback offers, click on the offer link, and make a purchase on the Clearly website to earn cashback.
In most cases, earning Clearly cashback through cashback portals is a straightforward process that involves simply clicking on the offer link and making a purchase. However, users should always read the terms and conditions of the cashback offer to ensure they meet all requirements.
The time it takes to receive Clearly cashback through cashback portals can vary depending on the specific cashback offer and the processing times of the cashback portal. Generally, cashback is credited to the user's account within a few days to a few weeks after the purchase is confirmed.
The amount of Clearly cashback that users can earn through cashback portals is typically determined by the cashback rate and any specific terms or limitations set by the cashback portal or Clearly. Users should check the details of each offer to understand the cashback earning potential.
Not all purchases made through cashback portals may be eligible for Clearly cashback. Certain products or categories may be excluded from cashback offers, so users should review the terms of each offer to see if the purchase qualifies for cashback.
If Clearly cashback does not track after making a purchase through a cashback portal, users should first ensure that they followed all the necessary steps, such as clicking on the offer link and completing the purchase in one session. If the cashback still does not track, users can contact the cashback portal's customer support for assistance.
Earning Clearly cashback through cashback portals is typically free for users. Cashback portals earn a commission from Clearly for referring customers, a portion of which is shared with the user as cashback. Users should be aware of any potential fees associated with their payment method or account terms.
In general, users cannot combine Clearly cashback earned from multiple cashback portals on the same purchase. Cashback is typically credited based on the specific link or offer used, so users should choose one cashback portal to shop through for each purchase to ensure they receive the cashback.
The minimum withdrawal amount for Clearly cashback earned through cashback portals may vary depending on the cashback portal's policies. Users should check the withdrawal options and terms on the cashback portal's website to determine the minimum amount required to cash out their Clearly cashback earnings.
If Clearly cashback is not credited to the user's account after the qualifying period, users should first check the status of the cashback in their account. If the cashback is still not credited, users can contact the cashback portal's customer support with details of the purchase to request assistance in resolving the issue.
In most cases, users can still earn Clearly cashback when using discount codes or coupons with cashback portals. However, it is essential to check the terms of the cashback offer to ensure that combining discounts does not invalidate the cashback eligibility. Some offers may exclude cashback on purchases using certain codes or vouchers.
Users can potentially take advantage of multiple Clearly cashback offers from different cashback portals, as long as each offer is used for separate purchases. However, users should be mindful of the terms and conditions of each offer to ensure they comply with any limitations on stacking or using multiple offers for the same transaction.
Earning Clearly cashback through cashback portals on mobile devices typically follows the same process as on desktop or laptop computers. Users should ensure they are logged into their cashback portal account on their mobile browser and complete the purchase by clicking on the offer link to ensure the cashback is tracked correctly.
If users forgot to click on the cashback offer before making a purchase on Clearly, they may not be eligible to earn cashback for that transaction. Users should make it a habit to always check for available offers on the cashback portal before shopping to ensure they activate the cashback tracking and receive their rewards.
In general, purchases made using Clearly vouchers may not be eligible for Clearly cashback through cashback portals. Users should review the specific terms of each cashback offer to determine if purchases made with vouchers qualify for cashback rewards. Some offers may exclude certain payment methods or transactions from earning cashback.
If users return an item for which they earned Clearly cashback through a cashback portal, the cashback reward associated with that purchase may be reversed or deducted from the user's account balance. Users should review the cashback portal's return policies and reach out to customer support if they have any questions about cashback adjustments for returned items.
Users may have the option to share their Clearly cashback referral link from cashback portals with friends and family, depending on the specific terms of the cashback portal's referral program. Referral bonuses or rewards may be available for users who successfully refer new members to the cashback portal through their unique referral link.
The time limit for claiming Clearly cashback rewards earned through cashback portals may vary depending on the cashback portal's policies. Users should review the expiration dates or validity periods associated with their cashback rewards to ensure they redeem or withdraw the cashback before any deadlines to avoid forfeiture of the rewards.
To maximize Clearly cashback earnings through cashback portals, users can take advantage of special promotions, bonus offers, and higher cashback rates when available. Users should also consider using cashback portals for all their online shopping to accumulate more cashback rewards over time and make the most of their purchases.