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AliExpress cashback frequently asked questions

To earn AliExpress cashback using cashback portals, you need to first create an account on a cashback portal like Then, search for AliExpress store on the portal, click on the store link which will redirect you to AliExpress website. Make your purchase on AliExpress as usual and the cashback will be tracked and credited to your cashback portal account.
Yes, it is free to use cashback portals like to earn AliExpress cashback. You do not have to pay any fees to register or earn cashback through these portals.
The amount of cashback you can earn on AliExpress purchases using cashback portals varies depending on the cashback portal and any ongoing promotions. Typically, cashback rates range from a few percent to double-digit percentages of the purchase amount.
The timeline for receiving AliExpress cashback in your cashback portal account varies by portal. Some portals offer instant cashback, while others may have a waiting period before the cashback is credited. Refer to the specific cashback portal's terms and conditions for more information.
Generally, you can earn cashback on most purchases made on AliExpress through cashback portals. However, there may be exclusions such as gift cards, certain categories, or using additional discounts or coupons not provided by the cashback portal. Check the cashback portal's terms for details.
In most cases, you cannot combine AliExpress cashback earned through cashback portals with other discounts or offers unless explicitly stated by the cashback portal. It's important to review the terms and conditions of both the cashback portal and AliExpress for any restrictions.
If your AliExpress cashback is not showing up in your cashback portal account, first ensure that you followed the correct steps for making the purchase through the portal. Then, contact the cashback portal's customer service with your order details for assistance.
The minimum cashback threshold required to withdraw earnings varies by cashback portal. Some portals have a threshold, while others offer immediate withdrawals. Check the withdrawal policy of the specific cashback portal for more information.
Most cashback portals do not charge any fees for withdrawing cashback earnings. However, there may be fees associated with certain withdrawal methods, such as bank transfers or gift cards. Review the withdrawal options and associated fees on the cashback portal's website.
Some cashback portals offer referral programs where you can earn additional cashback by referring friends to the platform. Check the specific cashback portal's referral program for details on how to earn extra cashback through referrals.
The limit on how much cashback you can earn on AliExpress purchases through cashback portals varies by portal and any promotional offers. Some portals may have a cap on total earnings or per transaction, so it's important to review the terms and conditions.
Yes, you can earn cashback on AliExpress purchases made through the mobile app if you access AliExpress through the cashback portal's app or mobile website. Ensure that you log in to your cashback portal account before making the purchase on the app.
If you return an item purchased on AliExpress for which you have received cashback, the cashback amount may be deducted from your cashback portal account. The specific policy for returned items and cashback deductions may vary by cashback portal.
Cashback portals like use secure encryption methods to protect your payment information. It is generally safe to provide your payment details on these portals, but you should always review the privacy policy and security measures of the portal before entering sensitive information.
Typically, you cannot use multiple cashback portals simultaneously to earn cashback on the same AliExpress purchase. Each cashback portal tracks purchases independently, so it's recommended to choose one portal for a single purchase to ensure proper tracking of cashback.
If you cancel your AliExpress order after earning cashback through a cashback portal, the cashback amount may be reversed or deducted from your cashback portal account. Check the specific cashback portal's policy on order cancellations for more information.
It is recommended to enable cookies on your browser when using cashback portals to ensure that your purchases are tracked accurately for earning cashback. Cookies help link your purchase to the cashback portal and ensure proper crediting of cashback.
Using ad-blocking software may interfere with the tracking mechanisms used by cashback portals to credit cashback for purchases. It is advisable to disable ad-blocking software temporarily when making purchases through cashback portals to ensure proper cashback tracking.
Most cashback portals have basic requirements such as creating an account and accessing AliExpress through their portal to earn cashback on purchases. Additionally, some portals may have country restrictions or other eligibility criteria, which should be reviewed before making a purchase.
Cashback portals may have restrictions on earning cashback for purchases made using gift cards on AliExpress. It's important to check the terms and conditions of the cashback portal to see if using a gift card affects your eligibility for cashback on purchases.